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26 Best Ideas Every Writer Needs

If someone has identified as a writer for long enough, they’ve likely gotten plenty of notebooks

And if the writer in your life is you, well then, consider this inspiration for what to

We had to start with the best! Did you know you can gift ProWritingAid licenses?

ProWritingAid Premium helps all kinds of writers write clearly, improve their skills, and have fun while they

Ready to invest in their writing this Christmas? Head to our gift page to send their license

Software subscriptions make great Christmas gifts for writers

Not only do they show you care about and understand the recipient's writing goals, but these tools

If you’ve ever explored writing apps beyond your standard word processor, you’ve likely heard of

Think of Scrivener like a cross between a binder and a bullet journal for your project

Compared to typical word processors, Scrivener gives you better control easier navigation for long-form projects like books

Got a friend or relative that has always wanted to write a novel but doesn't know where

The Novel Factory is one of the best Christmas gifts for aspiring writers

Instead of trying to remember all of the writing advice they've read in books, they'll have it

Many writers devour books, articles, and videos to improve their craft

But what happens when you’ve finished your manuscript? How do you distill all that information you

Fictionary imports your manuscript, analyzes it, and evaluates it scene by scene

If you’ve ever wanted a writing coach to look over your work and recommend how you

It has poweful novel writing software built-in, helping writers keep everything in one place (they can even

If you're buying for a fantasy writer, they'll love this—we have it on good authority from

Give them the tools to develop characters, setting, and plots with flexible templates, as well as nerd-out

It’s an advanced dictation app that allows you to write without touching a single key—allowing

It’s 99% accurate, and you can even make some minor edits using your voice

What’s best, it sits on your phone so you’re always ready to write, or, well,

Novlr is a writing program that helps you focus on what really matters: the words on the

As well as a writing interface, there is also a separate "Planning" section that allows you to

Read our full review of Novlr here, and head to their website to learn more and pick

Freedom is a website blocker that helps you stay focussed and avoid time sucks like social media

If you really want to get in the zone, you can even block the whole internet with

If you know a writer who is always wondering where their writing time went, give them the

We've found the best writing merch, classes, and publications that would make good Christmas gifts for writers

MasterClass is an online platform where you can take courses taught by the world’s best in

MasterClass has done an amazing job of curating interesting topics taught by world-renowned experts

Treat a writer you know to a monthly, 6-monthly, or annual subscription

Our favorites are the Writing Passports—short, easy to digest pamphlets on all aspects of the writing

Help a writer continue their writing journey with a set of passports

If you know someone who loves nothing more than settling down with a good book and a

What do writers do when they're putting off writing? They read! And if they're already reading, they

Unless they're a real traditionalist using pen and paper, the writer you're buying for probably spends hours

This laptop stand can be used at a desk or when working from their favorite armchair

This is great for writers who like to work from various locations or who don't have a

Fortunately, there’s a great tool for ensuring you stay in your writing zone: noise-canceling earbuds

Instead, they block out background noise for moments when you need a little quiet

They were originally created with sleep in mind, so they are comfortable enough to wear at night

We’re all at our best after good night’s sleep—give a writer you know the

Freewrite was launched in 2014 with a mission: relieve digital distractions and provide a modern writing tool for

Freewrite devices let you type without distraction: no Internet means no scrolling, no reading, and no browsing

If the person you're buying for writes for a living, chances are they're getting sick of working

Give them the power (literally) to write on the go with a power pack

The Write Planner is brand new from The Write Practice, the community-based writing training program

Whether you’re a pantser or a planner, this planner will give you the structure you need

At the heart of the planner are dozens of pages where you can plan your writing—and

They’ll help you stay focused and make the most of your writing time

The Write Practice also has a shop with some great writing merch and useful books writers will

Those booksellers who lovingly stock their shelves with all our favorite titles need our support—this year

There are tons of local bookstores who also do a thriving online business so support the one

You can even choose a specific indie bookshop to support with your purchase

But when you can't get the words on the page, it can feel all too real

It’s a self-paced online course that enables writers to build a personal writing system that works

We love a writing pun here at ProWritingAid, and Tim Federle’s Tequila Mockingbird is full of

Treat the writer in your life to a Romeo and Julep, or maybe A Rum of One’

Tequila Mockingbird is full of new and classic recipes and wry commentary on the classics

" This snark-filled chart compiles unforgettable insults in an interconnected map

And of course, a smattering of colorful insults from Shakespeare, the playwright who practically invented the art

It makes a great gift for any bibliophile or friend who enjoys acerbic wit

This gift makes a great stocking stuffer for the writer in your life

Litographs scarves are printed with every word from your chosen classic book

Whether the recipient is in love with Pride and Prejudice, or a fantasy lover who can't get

Looking for Christmas gifts for writers you can make yourself? These origami bookmarks are beautiful, and all

If you know someone who is trying to get their book out there, this book will be

If there’s one thing every writer can relate to, it’s procrastination

The notebooks, prints, and mugs in The Writers’ HQ Sweary Shop will keep those writers writing with

Lots of the gifts on this list are great for writers who are just starting out—whether

Our editing tool has quizzes, videos, and articles built in so you always know why it's telling

We particularly recommend Neil Gaiman's class on the art of storytelling

For younger writers, give them the opportunity to publish their own book with Lulu's Illustory

They'll write and draw their own storybook, and then you can send it off to Lulu to

What are your favorite presents for writers? Or if you are a writer, what’s the best