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25 of the Best Nonfiction Books of All Time

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I had to convince myself to pick up a work of nonfiction every now and then, only

Choosing the right books made all the difference, especially by reading some of the best nonfiction books

Here I have composed a list of 25 books that I think are readable and among some of

I have excluded memoirs, autobiographies, and poetry, for I felt that the scope of this list is

The feminist movement has obviously come a long way since this book was first written in 1792, but

With this revolutionary text, Darwin changed the world’s understanding of life, and challenged religious dogma

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The question that Virginia Wolf sets out to answer in this essay is why there have not

Silent Spring alerted the world to the adverse effects of the indiscriminate use of pesticides, and was

This book is both beautifully written and ground-breaking, having helped launch the modern environmental movement

In this book, Said formally identifies the derisive, exoticizing lens through which the West looks at the

A cornerstone of Black feminism, this book calls out the racism of white feminism

It includes accounts of women who were at the front lines alongside men, working as pilots, snipers,

This collection of essays is an essential work of postcolonial studies

This immensely readable book about the origins of the universe by the celebrated physicist has remained widely

It links this form of racial discrimination to the broader history of racism in America, and is

The writing is beautiful and richly detailed, making the book a riveting read

This broad ranging and popular history of humanity is well written and exceptionally accessible

This is an excellent book for readers trying to get into nonfiction

This book is a poetic meditation on our deep connection with nature

The collection contains essays on a variety of topics, including marriage, and violence against women

Human beings are causing the sixth mass extinction in the history of life on Earth — and it

A must-read for a chilling and humbling look at what humankind’s legacy on Earth is going

It is a page-turner despite being over 500 pages long, and through his exploration of the science of

This book exposes the gender bias that has been carried into the data driven era

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