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15 Best Mystery Thriller Books for Adults (2022)

Looking for some of the best mystery thriller books? Here are 15 of our favourites

You can lose yourself in the twists and turns of a thriller novel, and a good mystery

There’s something satisfying about a tightly-plotted mystery book, and they’re excellent for all sorts of

Whether you want a book to devour by the pool on holiday, or a book to escape

If you’re on the hunt for a juicy new read, look no further!

Molly is a maid at the prestigious Regency Grand Hotel, but her world is upended when she

Quickly, Molly is involved in a situation that is far too complicated for her to handle alone

The Maid’s intriguing story comes, in part, from Molly’s inability to read between the lines

Liane Moriarty is excellent at writing family-based mystery stories, with relatable and flawed characters that are interesting

It quickly becomes apparent that something is not right in this picture-perfect family, and readers will enjoy

What makes Apples Never Fall so compulsively readable is the mixture of completely relatable family tensions, and

You’ll enjoy this one if you like a slightly different mystery story, with a focus on

You can enjoy a short story during a sunbathing session by the pool, and the book is

The Silent Patient was a huge hit among fans of mystery novels when it first hit the

A shocking thriller, it’s one of those completely unputdownable books that you’ll want to stay

It follows Theo, a criminal psychologist, as he tries to uncover the reason behind the murder of

It has excellent pacing, and the payoff is satisfyingly well done, even if you manage to guess

You can’t write a list of mystery books without mentioning Gone Girl

It’s a modern classic, adapted into a movie starring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck

It’s the story of a marriage from the perspective of Nick, reeling in the aftermath of

It’s sharp, witty, and observational, with some iconic passages (the ‘cool girl’ passage sparked a whole

The Couple Next Door is a wild ride! Perfect couple Anne and Marco want to go to

Marco persuades Anne to go anyway, and so they leave their baby, Cora, home alone

What unfolds is a complicated, and sometimes outrageous, unveiling of the truth

The characters aren’t perfect (and will sometimes infuriate you with their baffling decisions), but the story

With an intriguing title, How To Kill Your Family is a bestseller in 2022

It’s not just a mystery story, but a scathing look at how the media glamorizes murder

Protagonist Grace is a murderer, and she feels almost let down by the lack of recognition of

While that sounds dark (and believe me, it is) it’s also weirdly funny, with a lot

The 22 Muders of Madison May is a psychological thriller with a twist

Protagonist Madison is left in shock when she bumps into a client who seems to know far

Later, journalist Felicity is in charge of investigating Madison’s murder, but what she finds doesn’t

It’s a mind-bending novel, ideal for both sci-fi and thriller fans

It follows titular character Sadie in the aftermath of her sister’s murder

She teams up with a radio presenter, West McCray, and he creates a podcast to try to

Together, they try to fill in the gaps that the police cannot explain

It’s a good mixture of twists and turns combined with heartbreakingly relatable characters

Set in a retirement village, four friends create a group to discuss unsolved crimes

But when a local turns up dead, they have to deal with a ‘live’ case for the

It’s an interesting story with some good twists, but what makes it worth reading are the

If you’ve never read one of Osman’s books, it’s definitely worth picking this one

If you love a story that allows you to guess the outcome, this is the one to

It’s a smart, interesting take on the classic murder mystery novel, packed with plenty of book

The ultimate mystery novel for bookworms, it gets a bit ‘meta’ at times, but the plot developments

Verity has been injured, and her husband Jeremy commissions Lowen to finish her work

What follows is the story of Lowen, grappling with the difficult moral choice: to tell the husband

How far will a sister’s loyalty go? That’s the story behind My Sister, the Serial

Korede is a dedicated, loyal sister, willing to go as far as cleaning up after her sister

It’s a story of twisted loyalties, unusual family dynamics, and murder

It’s a novella, so it’s a short read, and it’s so compelling, the chances

A classic, The Da Vinci Code is an exciting read, and still worth picking up if you

It follows symbologist (yes, that’s a real job) Robert Langdon as he investigates a murder

The story takes a dramatic turn when Rober and cryptologist Sophie discover clues hidden inside the works

It’s a classic for a reason: it’s a well-told and entertaining story

Pick it up and discover for yourself what the hype was all about!

A classic novel published in 1938, Rebecca is du Murier’s most famous novel

A gothic novel, it’s the story of a mysterious death and a sham marriage in an

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