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13 Recession-Proof Freelance Writing Niches

Find out which niches are projected to be the most profitable in 2023

In addition, this year, they took a deep dive into two growing spaces — retail media networks (RMNs)

As I said in my story about why reCommerce is the perfect side hustle for the holiday

You just need to pay attention to what’s happening around you:

Year-on-year means compared with the corresponding values from a year earlier, by the way

Here are the nine categories expected to grow the most in terms of ad spending YoY:

The automotive industry was the only niche projected to reduce ad spending in 2023 (-7

content streaming platforms) and every digital channel will experience the highest growth — great news for freelance writers

However, we need to remember that growth and decline percentages are relative

Only digital video (including CTV), paid search, and social media stand at higher percentual spending

“Customer acquisition is by far [the] top goal for 2023 media investments (61%), followed by increasing brand equity (43%) and

Some of the most common customer acquisition tactics involve content marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, SEO,

Businesses will also invest heavily in growing brand equity and media efficiency

52% of advertisers said they’ll spend more on creators in 2023, namely on creator/influencer ads and partnerships

Again, this is very positive for freelance writers, bloggers, and influencers of all sizes

20% of advertisers already have a presence in the metaverse, and 36% are considering it

First of all, it’s important to mention that your freelance writing niche can be the industry/

Marketing budgets for financial services are projected to grow 11

But we don’t need a marketing survey to tell us writing about finance during a recession

Finance/fintech companies and personal finance blogs will jump on the opportunity to offer solutions for the

If you’re willing to put in the work to learn everything you need to become a

As a B2B SaaS and digital marketing writer, I’m considering learning about metaverse marketing, for

B2B is the ad spending category projected to grow the most (20

While the average person is struggling with 40-year-high inflation, corporate profits are at an all-time high

If I had to guess, I’d say B2B SaaS would be one of the last

Plus, if there’s one industry that knows the importance of continuing to market its products and

Travel, fashion, and food & drinks are different niches, but I grouped them together because the same

When it comes to these categories, there’s more competition

You can build a profitable career writing about travel, food, or fashion if you specialize in luxury

A blog about $1 beauty products won’t be able to pay you as much as a blog

A blog about budget travel won’t be able to pay you as much as a blog

Content marketing, SEO, social media writing, and email copywriting all fall under the category of customer acquisition

— HubSpot Blog’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report

SEO and long-from content writing will still be one of the most profitable freelance writing services to

Social media marketing is another high-ROI customer acquisition tactic

Social media is used by over 42% of marketers, making it the #1 channel marketers are currently leveraging

— HubSpot Blog’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report

Email copywriting is a customer acquisition tactic, like the previous two

Plus, everyone knows “the money is on the list” — the email list, that is

If your services provide a high ROI, clients are instantly willing to pay you more — email copywriting

1%) — if marketers are seeing the value in podcast advertising, we know podcasts will keep growing in 2023

If you want to specialize in this type of writing, this is the perfect time to jump

Digital video will experience the fourth highest growth of any ad spending category (6

Plus, “short-form video will see the most growth of any [marketing] trend in 2023

We’ve been bombarded with words like “inflation,” “recession,” and “stagflation” on the news

But all evidence suggests there’s no reason for freelance writers to panic

“When times are good you should advertise, but when times are bad you must advertise

IAB’s survey showed there won’t be significant reductions in marketing budgets, and they’re not

— HubSpot Blog’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report

Worst case scenario, you pivot your business to new freelance writing services or a more in-demand niche

Whether you’re new to freelance writing and looking for a profitable, recession-proof niche, or an experienced

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