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12 Wellness Retreat Thrillers That Will Make You Rethink Spa

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The 12 books on the list below will make you rethink spa days — and keep one eye open

In many ways, the wellness retreat thriller isn’t all that different from any other suspense novel

You get a group of people who don’t know each other — at least, not as well

And before we get on to these reading recommendations, let’s address the mud-bathing elephant in the

Ronnie was happy to stay in New York City forever…until she met Marley

A wellness influencer who can inspire just about anyone to find their true self, Marley operates a

It’s picture-perfect from the minute Ronnie arrives…until it isn’t

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Sam’s never gotten over her dreams of superstardom, which have since devolved into a haze of

Meanwhile, Elli’s playing Susie Homemaker, content to be a stay-at-home mom and let her successful husband

Seven years ago, young Philadelphia native Melody Chapa disappeared in a scandalous case that captivated TV audiences

Mictlan Island is paradise on earth — a jewel in the Sea of Cortez

The digs are comfortable, though, and the gathered party bed down for the night, content in the

They all have something coming to them…but it isn’t what they expect

It was supposed to be a chance to get to know their neighbors and get away from

Now, one of the wives is lying dead on the private beach in front of the house,

Now, Kaavi’s all set to tie the knot with Amaya’s ex-boyfriend, Matthew, in the wedding

Amaya heads to Sri Lanka with her invitation in hand, determined to prevent Kaavi from marrying Matthew

When the bride disappears on the morning of the big event, all eyes are on the groom’

Jewel Van Hanen leveraged her massive wealth and celebrity to create Golden Rule, a video-sharing app that

Invited into Jewel’s home, the six find themselves competing for a life-changing amount of money

But there’s more than just cash to be won here, and Jewel still has a few

Detective Elin Warner made her debut in The Sanatorium, a Reese’s Book Club pick upon its

Warner has just settled into the investigation when another person drowns off the coast of the spa

Jónas Júlíusson is convinced that his newest business venture — a spa-hotel built on a

Thóra doesn’t believe in ghosts, but she won’t turn down her superstitious client’s

When she arrives, however, she finds a brutalized body on the beach — that of the architect Jó

27, this wellness retreat thriller takes readers to Xanadu: a luxury villa nestled in the Mexican jungle

Now, ownership of Paul’s estate has passed, not to his widow, but to his niece, Sveta

Two years ago, two people died at SoulShrink: a wellness retreat on a Maltese island

But there was a third victim at SoulShrink, a woman whose body was never found

Joining Wade’s new retreat will bring Fran face-to-face with him, but does he have the answers

Six months after Kit stops picking up the phone, Natalie receives an email from the retreat

Convinced that someone is blackmailing her, Natalie signs up for her own self-improvement journey, only to be

Which one of them wants to damage the sisters’ relationship further…and why?