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12 SFF & Horror Debuts To Watch For In 2023

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If you’re a fan of the speculative and macabre, you’re going to want this short

They’ve passed through the grueling gauntlets of querying and submissions to achieve a lifelong dream

By the time their debut book launch rolls around, however, most writers are already knee-deep in their

Authors with small marketing budgets may struggle to gain the attention of readers and the press

Worries over whether or not their debut will earn out loom large

As a reader, you know that you can support the authors you love by buying their books

But in times of great uncertainty — such as the last six years — preordering books from your favorite

That’s all too important for debut authors, who lack the name recognition of their peers

The Daughters of Izdihar is the first installment of Hadeer Elsbai’s debut duology

The story here centers on Nehal, a highborn woman with magical talent who’s forced into an

Three years ago, a night in a haunted house fractured the friendship of three young women forever

As the new caretaker of the Masson House, Eric is tasked with determining whether or not the

2023 is shaping up to be the year of haunted house novels, in case you hadn’t noticed

In She Is a Haunting, a Vietnamese American teenager plans a five-week stay in Vietnam, where her

That’s why she’s working an entry-level job with a temp agency; she can’t risk

When Luc’s next target turns out to be Elle’s younger brother, Elle sees a chance

Dead spirits can be brought back to occupy the houses of HOME, but their presence comes at

This horror novella is a masterful treatise on mourning, family, and the ongoing relationships that bind the

Anequs is the first dragon rider on the island of Masquapaug in decades

Anequs’s dragon companion’s life depends on her successful completion of an Anglish education, but she’

Instead, she’s stuck playing a princess at the most magical place on earth by day and

To put it simply, her life isn’t what it was supposed to be — and it’s

As Maeve’s circumstances go down the tubes, her contempt for humanity rises

People with the ability to psychically shape the plants of the jungle below, architects keep plant-built cities

Iravan’s wife is secretly a radical who thinks humanity should return to the jungle below, and

A cottagecore retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth? Yes, please! Neither Lila nor Damien is the

She’s too temperamental for her disapproving parents; he’s already made it clear that he’ll

The generation ship Phoenix is halfway between the dying Earth and humanity’s new home when a

She needs to clear her name by finding the real bomber, but her crewmates aren’t exactly

Steeped in Venezuelan folklore, The Sun and the Void centers on Reina, a servant indebted to the

She begins working as a servant in the grand old house, where she finds herself falling for

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