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12 Of The Best New Children’s Books Out January 2023

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While it is far too early in the year to be speculating about award-winning children’s books,

For example, the jaw-dropping illustrations by Dare Coulter in Kwame Alexander’s latest picture book, An American

Happy New Year! May your 2023 be filled with excellent books!

” An American Story opens with a teacher doing just that, teaching a classroom full of students about

Coulter’s mixed media illustrations are absolute masterpieces, deeply moving and evocative

This standalone follow-up to The Proudest Blue is a lovely story about kindness, friendship, and family

Two big things are happening at school today: it’s picture day, and Ms

Faizah wears a special red dress passed down from her mother and sister for school pictures

When Faizah realizes she and her sister aren’t matching for their school pictures, her imaginary world

Best-selling novelist Emma Straub makes her picture book debut in this adorable and funny read-aloud about hats

Hats can be many things: the roof of houses, leaves that fall just the right way on

Gómez’s delightfully cute illustrations are a perfect companion for Straub’s simple and funny prose

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Becca wants to be just like her grandma, whether she’s watching her grandma dance in a

With Grandma’s help, Becca learns how to do these activities and more, and in the process,

This heartwarming picture book reminds me of my own quiet, shy childhood

Instead, he practices tap dancing after school in empty classrooms and hallways as he helps the janitor

However, his secret is discovered when the school installs security cameras

Author Anne Wynter bases this gorgeous, intergenerational picture book on her childhood experiences growing pecan trees

All schools remained closed for Black and white students for five years

Black and poor white families were forced to find schooling elsewhere or go without

Many families moved or sent their children to live with relatives where they could attend school

It’s a disturbing period in history, and Pearson traces how racism in the area from the 1600

7th-grader Henrietta Weldon, or Henri for short, has dyscalculia, a learning disability that makes math especially hard

However, her mom is starting a PhD program, and with the family strapped for cash, Henri will

She’s excited about going to a new school and soon makes friends

However, Henri’s sister Kat hates her new friends for good reasons, and Henri is finding her

This is a fantastic new middle grade novel that is funny and super relatable

In the present, 13-year-old Matthew begrudgingly moves in with his 100-year-old great-grandmother to ride out the Covid-19

While it sounds like a complicated narrative — with multiple points of view and timelines — Marsh seamlessly integrates

It’s a moving, relevant story about an important historical event largely unknown in the U

Trev begins taking boxing lessons, but with his emotions spiraling with all the stress he’s under,

When Princess Harbor Rose was born, one of her fairy aunts cursed her

To keep her safe from the prophesied war and death that she’s been cursed with, Harbor’

No children live on the island, and Harbor has both a magical and lonely childhood

Simon wants to start a new life and leave the past behind him, but, of course, there’

But the three get into mischief when they fake alien signals to fool the scientists

Bow tackles really tough topics in this novel with grace and empathy while also threading in laugh-out-loud