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12 Ghost Romances to Tingle Your Spine

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Muir, for example, is a story that features a ghost, might even have that ghost as a

Ghost, on the other hand, is a romantic story featuring the ghost as a central romantic character

(Of course, spoiler alert, that one isn’t a romance because homeboy walks into the light at

There are some great new romances with ghost love interests out this year, and there are some

The ones I’ve read have all been a delight, and there are plenty more that I

I swear, this one had to have originally been called “The Ghost and the Ghostwriter

” Because that is literally the plot: A ghostwriter for a famous romance novelist is having trouble turning

I have devoured plenty of Ashley Poston’s YA novels and I’m so excited she’s

In this particular universe, once Gemma sees a ghost, they become corporeal — which leads to her kissing

While Ansa hasn’t published a new novel in 20 years (as far as I can tell), her

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When she ends up haunting an old castle, it turns out she has three haunt-mates

Muir isn’t a romance between the titular characters, even though theirs is as much a love

She essentially calls it a fanfic, and uses the original story, about a widow who moves into

It’s a retelling, but with an ending more acceptable to any of us who shipped Mrs

Anna has moved into a new life and a new home, but she’s certain she’s

The two have a lot to endure alone before they can be together, but this is definitely

CW for intrusive thoughts and thoughts of suicidal ideation, as well as mention of severe homophobia in

I might have mentioned this one in a previous post, but I will never stop screaming about

But he’s trying to take what she’s rightfully stolen! And also…he can see her

Reichert’s classic love stories to Wisconsin, so you should be reading it anyway!

, and she’s not looking forward to being back in her hometown

In part because there’s nothing but people who are going to be in her business, and

Grace Rivera has training as a crime scene investigator, but for now she’s stuck doing ghost

But eventually, Jamie enlists her help in solving the murder he was charged with…because it’s

Yadriel might be trying to convince his family that he’s worthy of training to be a

Either way, he’s now summoned a ghost while looking for a newly dead family member, and

So while the two of them try to get to the bottom of Julian’s death, they

Little does she know that the ghost hears every word and would like a word

They’ll get that chance sooner than he expects, when the complainer becomes a ghost herself

She killed a Seer, and has two years to help a hundred souls with unfinished business cross

This is the beginning of an urban fantasy series, and is chock full of angels, demons, ghosts,