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11 Tips to Help You Self Edit Your Book

Have you ever read a first draft of your article or book and felt like it's just

It doesn’t matter if the writing is flabby or your ideas half-baked

It takes several revisions to shape up a first draft so it's good enough to publish

We’re going to get there during the editing process using these 11 self-editing tips

The passive voice demonstrates how the subject of a sentence changes because of an action

When Stephen King was a fresh-faced writer, he taped a piece of editorial advice to his desk

If you’re struggling to reduce your word count, ask yourself "Is this sentence confusing?" or "What’

Remember, if you felt bored or confused while reading your article, your readers will too

Instead, rewrite sentences until a sixth-grader can understand them

It's key if you want to reduce the bounce rate on your website or blog

In my ProWritingAid review, I explain how I use this score to simplify my non-fiction writing

Have you used compelling sub-headings that add value to your book? Have you formatted your writing using

Unless you’re tweeting like Donald Trump, cut those exclamation marks! And don't write in all caps

Instead, use Scrivener or ProWritingAid to search your articles for repeated words

Then, replace them with an original choice using a dictionary or thesaurus

The job of a sub-head is to invite scanners to read your article before they move on…

If you're drawing a blank, write your sub-heads after you've finished the body of your article

They’re kind of like small talk before a difficult conversation

This list includes words and ideas I overuse or rely on when I can't think of anything

Writers rely on this general verb when they can't think of a more specific one

Remember: fix the big problems first, then zoom in on the small problems

"Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people

It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between

Instead, summarize what you said in your article, give your readers a takeaway, or call them to

Still need help help? I want to give you 101 free writing prompts you can use today