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11 Online Writing Courses

You used to have to attend a university to learn from a smart professor

 No need to Google “writing courses near me” and drive across town

Instead, sign up for an online writing course you can take on your own schedule

Or add to your skillset with a transcription or proofreading course

Or get really good at writing compelling essays so you can finally get published in your dream

  We’ve vetted each of the online writing courses on this list

We trust each instructor and the experience they bring, and we’ve reviewed the lessons and supplemental

We feel confident that if you put time and energy into one of these courses, you’ll

What you’ll learn: The “Den” isn’t billed as a freelance writing course, but it pretty

With 1,200+ members and hundreds of threads, you can get answers to anything and everything related to freelance

It’s a great place to get support and advice from seasoned pros while also networking and

Instructor: “Den Mother” Carol Tice has been working as a freelance writer for more than 15 years

She plays an active role in the forum, so you’ll have direct access to her there

What you’ll learn: This course teaches you how to make a full-time salary as a freelance

It was created for people who dream of being a writer but lack confidence, knowledge or skills

Come Write With Us touches on everything from choosing a niche and launching a website to setting

Instructors: Full-time writers Kristin Wong and Alex Webb bring their diverse experiences in writing, publishing and freelancing

Webb has contributed to books published by National Geographic, the Financial Times and Skyhorse

Schedule: This course is available on-demand, so you can enroll and take the course anytime

What you’ll learn: This is way more than one course; instead, you’ll get access to 80+

Some of the courses, including those about the business side of freelancing, are taught by Craig, while

It’s closed now, but you can get on the waitlist so you get an alert the

Cost: Join on a monthly basis for $59/month, or commit to 12 months of training at a significant

If you’re still trying to decide which book you should write and publish first, this assessment

His course shows you how to use Medium’s Partner Program and what types of content tend

As a bonus, every purchase includes an audio version of the course, so you can learn during

Instructor: Dave Schools is a writer who has contributed to CNBC Make It and Smashing Magazine

He also founded a top-50 Medium publication called Entrepreneur’s Handbook and earned a six-figure income writing

Our full review: We haven’t written a review of this course (yet)

To get a feel for his expertise, read this (free) post on how to make money with

What you’ll learn: This class covers the business side of freelancing, so you can make a

You’ll get access to more than a dozen video lessons, plus templates and an online forum

Jarvis has a popular blog and is the author of “Company of One: Why Staying Small is

Public enrollment only opens a few times each year, so be sure to use this link to

What you’ll learn: This course teaches the ins and outs of transcription, so you can land

Most of these positions allow you to work from home on your own schedule, so they’re

Instructor: Janet Shaughnessy has served clients through her transcription business for more than a decade

Special offer: Try your hand at transcription with their free transcription mini-course

Our full review: We haven’t written a full review for Transcribe Anywhere yet

However, we have vetted the course, and you can read about how one student used the course

Not only will you learn the nuts and bolts of proofreading, but you’ll also walk away

Now she teaches others to turn their love of reading and grammar into a freelance income

Schedule: Available on-demand, so you can start whenever you want

Before you invest, take advantage of their free 76-minute workshop to see if it’s truly a

What you’ll learn: This course covers both how to write a compelling personal narrative and how

As a parting gift, students get contact information for 130+ editors who accept personal essays

We nearly fell over when we heard that! Quite frankly, this list in itself is worth the

Instructor: Amy Paturel is a journalist who writes widely in the health and nutrition spaces; her essays

Schedule: The course is six weeks long and available on-demand, so you can enroll whenever is best

What you’ll learn: You can learn about how to write screenplays, youth fiction, novels, thrillers, and

Our full review: We haven’t written one yet, but it does have incredible instructors who have “

What you’ll learn: Writing well starts with good grammar, and this course will give you the

Instructor: Editor Ellen Feld has been teaching this course for years, serving 43,000 students

Schedule: Go at your own pace during your 12 weeks of course access

Our full review: We haven’t written one yet, but we did join the course and the

While this course could use a design refresh, the information included is excellent

These online writing courses with knowledgeable instructors provide the training you need, and in many instances, a

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