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11 Novels That Explore the Glitz

 Certainly playing the game of asking 10 random people the first word that pops in their mind when

And then there’s the many ways Hollywood fails: like its obsession with hiring non-Latine actors to

There’s the glitz and glam and the behind the scenes dangerous behavior to keep up the

I went across genres, from romance to fantasy; different jobs in the industry, from director to set

Neevah is an actress with chronic illness waiting for her big break

The film is a dream for both of them, but an IRL romance with his lead actress

Bonus: Eboni Flowers, Jakobi Diem, Nicole Small do a fantastic job narrating the audiobook

While Lai doesn’t want to sit with the journalist, she ends up telling him her story,

Here’s a romance between two young men, trying to figure out their own lives and selves,

Derick Haverford is one of those email recipients and to Wren’s horror has now been hired

But Wren has more important things to freak out about: like accidentally promising to get a long

It helps that Derick is willing to go along with Wren to the once famous woman’s

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Would you give up 20 years of your life if it meant fame? Luli Wei is willing to

But in a world of dark magic, when does the “at all costs” mentality turn you into

The lead is a Hollywood set designer, a movie lover, and a romantic

They end up finding Ava, kicking off a love story between her and Emi as they work

Willis Wu is a typecast actor: currently the “Generic Asian Man

” But he wants to be like his father “Kung Fu Guy,” believing that to be the highest

Movie memorabilia + old Hollywood + murder! Decades ago, Jay Allan and Cindy Cooper were famous married TV stars

Now they own a Hollywood memorabilia business which Cindy knows is about to go under but hasn’

But she’s interviewing who to sell to, and when Cindy and Jay’s competition is murdered,

For fans of fake dating and angst we have a love story between playboy Leo Milanowski and

There on-again-off-again love affair keeps them in the headlines and fans eat up all the drama, but

Imagine being asked to write a profile for your favorite actor who has just been tapped as

And then we cut to 10 years later when Chani is asked to profile Gabe again, now in

Here we go into the world of a private actress/screenwriter and her assistant, which doesn’t

So when rumors begin about a secret affair between her and her assistant, after a red carpet

WWII historical fiction meets 1940s Hollywood in a novel that pings readers back and forth between Italy

As an adult she works at Mercury Pictures as an associate producer

While her personal life is a mess it seems the studio, about to go bankrupt, is too

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