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11 Exciting Comics Coming in 2023

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Now, it’s time we look ahead at great comics coming in 2023

I read solicitations, press announcements, and even chatted up some publishers to get a good view of

There’s a queer ghost story and a coming-of-age tale of gender transition

Often when I’m making a comic book list, it’s overstuffed with books written and drawn

Diverse people telling diverse stories are going to be all over comic book shelves next year, and

Archie, Veronica, and the rest of the gang are familiar to all of us

Now imagine them in a post-apocalyptic fight for their lives

But maybe don’t tell Grandma that this is what Archie is up to these days

Coming off the upheaval of DC’s big 2022 event, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC is kicking

From what we’ve seen in the teasers, the Lazarus Volcano explodes, sending the green goo of

Tired of all the continuity and backstory? Try Torrent, a new series kicking off a new superhero

Wakanda, Nomad, Bucky, and the Outer Circle will all play roles in this crossover of comics coming

This dawn will launch 20 new titles, including this one for Hal Jordan

Hal is back on Earth, trying to find his place in the Green Lantern Corps and among

Of course, Leon has no idea until he uses a borrowed antique camera and discovers a ghostly

Queer icon Ray Nadine brings us a ghost story that is sure to pull no punches

Where does he fit in? To find his place, he’s leaving Earth in this new series

Somehow, Power Rangers has been on television nonstop for nearly three decades

Oh, and there are some great comics over at Boom! Studios, too

This is a graphic memoir translated from Spanish that looks gorgeous and promises a beautiful tale of

Can love, like the love between Sara and Diana, survive that journey? This is high on my

Marvel is making big promises for summer, starting with the Children of the Atom

After years of thriving on Krakoa and beating back several world-ending events, apparently things are going to

Marvel’s catchphrase for the event is, “Sun’s out, tongues out!” Venom, Carnage, and the alien

Everything added to your TBR? Orders placed at your local comic book shop? Good

Now, what else should I add to my TBR? What comics are you most excited for coming