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10 Simple Hacks to Consistently Write Over 1000 Words in 60 Minutes |

Blaze through your shitty first draft and become a prolific writer

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts

What I’ve learned to do when I sit down to work on a shitty first draft

— Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

The conditioning from school and our internal impulses work against this

English drafts can take about 30 minutes more because it’s not my first language

But the quality of the draft suffered, and I wasted more time editing

For example, during research you are in exploratory mode, your brain is asking questions, accumulating knowledge, and

Focusing on one phase at a time optimizes your effort, like batching similar tasks

Explicitly block time for each step on your calendar, for the best results

If you are in an energetic mood, you will write more quickly and most importantly your writing

Miss Excel teaches Microsoft Excel through short videos on TikTok

Then I run to my computer and I make those ideas because essentially social media content is

Besides choosing the right topic I increase my enthusiasm by:

Visual notifications are also disabled: the light never flashes, and the screen never wakes up

I don’t think Steven King’s phone constantly bugs him while he’s drafting his next

Inspiring quotes hung on the wall can provide the right motivation

The right tool makes writing pleasant, fast and doesn’t steal the scene

Write a couple of articles with each one, then draw your conclusions

So, take a little longer to ensure your outline shows you what to include

A comprehensive outline for a 1000–1500 word article takes me about 15 minutes

When I moved to digital writing I noticed a terrible habit: my fingers were constantly jumping to

It was also wasteful: in your editing, you will change words, cut out entire sentences, and rearrange

Many corrections you make while drafting will simply get deleted

Sometimes I can’t find the right word or feel that a sentence is weak, or need

Today you can just use the free dictation feature on your phone’s keyboard and get almost

You will need to get used to the speed of the recognition and learn some special commands (

5 hours, you can save a lot of time by implementing just some of these tips

And if you need an accountability buddy, hire me as a coach here!