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10 of the Funniest Horror Books to Make You Gasp

New York Times bestselling author Jason Pargin’s hilarious and horrifying John Dies at the End series

"Within the snarky humor is an incisive commentary on social media and the state of our connected

This isn’t just a funny tale of inept supernatural investigators; it’s a story of people

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, and Día de Los Muertos are all approaching

You know what that means here at Book Riot: time for those haunting horror books

Whether the monsters are monstrous or wearing human skin, I just can’t get enough

I’m always looking for boo-tastic books, vicious video games, and mortifying movies

She doesn’t want to jump out of her seat or bear witness to fictional torment

But as the movie Cabin in the Woods proves, humor can bridge the gap, making horror vastly

Junji Ito is well-established as a creator of horror manga, but this is something different

It’s all about the trials and troubles of becoming a new cat owner

Because Junji Ito is a horror writer, he brings his horror style to this story, blending his

She carries more weight than her doctor might like, but she likes her body

Suddenly, things are getting very Shaun of the Dead when a “miracle cure” for obesity goes awry

This collection of short stories is Kelly Link’s triumphant return to adult fiction, and it’s

In this case, she leans into horror with these interconnected tales

The title alone tells you this novel won’t take itself too seriously

After an ultimatum, Sam has a week to figure all of this out before he dies

This book focused on demons blends horror, science fiction, poetry, and prose into one unique book

Again, the title clues you in: this book approaches demons and their ilk with a sense of

This horror mystery novel is also spoofing Scooby Doo along with all the classics of mystery and

In this manga, Miko Yotsuya is trying to live a normal high school life

And they’re drawn to her because of her powers and because her best friend has a

The series is also quite funny because Miko is just trying to ignore them, to live her

Here’s another short story collection, but this one is from a group of young adult heavy

They aren’t all funny, but several of them are real gut-busters

Grady Hendrix has built a career on horror humor, so you knew he’d wind up on

Patricia leads a pretty normal life for a middle age southern woman

But one night, Patricia is attacked by a vampire, and not only is her life in danger,