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10 Of The Best Tabletop Roleplaying Games Beyond D&D

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There’s a whole world of the best tabletop roleplaying games available to play

And yeah, Dungeons & Dragons is still a fun way to spend several hours with your best

But when you and your pals are looking for a new kind of adventure, there are quite

Some are great if you want lots of roleplaying and little fighting

All of these roleplaying games are super fun, but which one will be the best for you

Alice is Missing is an immersive RPG that’s all about creating atmosphere through dimmed lights, a

Yes, that’s right, the entire game is played through text messages

The goal? To discover what happened to Alice Briarwood, a high school junior who has gone missing

Blades in the Dark is set in the fictional city of Doskvol, inspired by Victorian London and

 Players work together as a crew of scoundrels, stalking the haunted streets of the haunted industrial-fantasy city,

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing a vampire, a ghost, or a faerie? You can be

The game features ten unique character archetypes across four supernatural factions, so there are so many fun

Set in space (where no one can hear you scream), the Alien RPG has two different playing

Cinematic play gives players pre-made stories that they can play out in one fast, self-contained game

Campaign play allows players to play the same characters over multiple scenarios, allowing you and your team

Halcyon City is a place filled with superheroes, supervillains, and everything in between

It’s so tough being a superhero when your parents keep pressuring you to do your homework!

If you love disaster movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact, this is the RPG for you

In Our Last Best Hope, you and your friends will play a crew on a mission to

Will your crisis be a zombie apocalypse or a meteor crashing into Earth? You’ll have to

While the deal might seem too good to resist at first, most witches and warlocks end up

But while you will be playing someone with no soul, there is still hope! If you outwit

Velvet Glove is a coming-of-age tabletop RPG that’s part Switchblade Sisters and part The Outsiders (if

What kind of trouble will you get into? That all depends on how you play the game

Cyberpunk: 2020 is set in a dystopian sci-fi world that exists in an alternate timeline that diverged from

In giant, sprawling metropolis of Night City, you and your friends will encounter gang warfare, corporate rivalries,

In Bubblegumshoe, the world is full of mysteries, and you and your gang of teen sleuths are

This one is a fun, quick-to-learn RPG that can easily be played as a one-shot with friends

And if you’re looking for more roleplaying fun, take a look at these D&D

Have fun getting creative with these tabletop roleplaying games, friends!