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10 of the Best Poetry Collections of 2022

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Especially around new-book days, I checked my mailbox eee-ing with delight

While compiling this list, I pondered why certain books move us

Countless details imbue our reading experience: mood, weather, place, season, hunger, the moon

Or a collection kept your bedside lamp blazing, kept you awake past midnight

Recently, a dear friend asked me in our group chat how much of what I read is

Gratefully, much of it overlaps and reflects my interests, obsessions, passions, and tastes

Lacking a short answer to the wonderful question, I knew one thing with my whole heart

So, this list of ten titles consists of collections I have revisited

If this stirring book rearranged your brain, read Prelude to Bruise and the author’s debut memoir,

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These past months, I lingered in the endpages of collections, and my mind keeps returning to All

One paragraph credits teachers and contains a lesson I’ve been holding close: “every poem, every time,

And thanks to those generous endpages, I’m grateful for the glimpses into Tran’s writing process

Since finishing this book, I’ve been contemplating the expansive beauty of Wong’s debut collection dedicated

” The opening poem, “For the Living in the New World,” ends — and lives on in my brain: “

” Meditating on flowers, Frida Kahlo, observation, and place, this teems with startling lines

” Three of the four sections open with “Definitions of mo‘o,” including “Story, tradition, legend” and “Ridge,

Captivating and unforgettable, Elhillo’s latest collection interrogates the body, Muslim girlhood and womanhood, names, and silences

Multiple times, I found myself asking, Have I read this one every possible way? (A fitting thing

” If these poems — specifically “Yasmeen” — resonated with you, pore over the pages of Home Is Not a

Unfolding in four parts, this book, one I know I’ll reference a lot, reflects on awe,

After reading and rereading American Cavewall Sonnets this summer, Salazar’s debut poetry collection became a must-order

I definitely added “order Forty Stitches Sewing a Body Against a Ramshackle Night” to my to-do list

Poet Laureate’s sixth collection delves into desire, kinship, memory, and stillness

) Featuring crows, horses, and rivers, I see myself dipping into this magnificent book again and again

In my calendar, I planned a date with “Winter” on December 21

I want to say hello again to the poems, like “The End of Poetry,” and words, like “

” And in “Sonnet with particles of gold”: “The day after my grandmother died was white-gold in colour

Funny and devastating and joyful, this sophomore collection meditates on anger, grief, intimacy, and seasons

And stay a little longer in the long poems — for example, “Winter [It’s April

As now as possible, reach for this thick collection teeming with grackles, sunflowers, and music and reach

To name several on my mind, Best Barbarian by Roger Reeves, Customs by Solmaz Sharif, A Shiver

If you want more poetry in your literary life, check out The Best Black Poets To Read (