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10 New Historical Fiction Books Hitting the Shelves

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Or, on the other hand, it’s also fun because it can go into speculative territory and

Whether you love spy fiction, romances, sprawling sagas, or even horror, there’s a new historical fiction

Before we jump into the list, I just wanted to mention that there are waaaay more new

Which means 2023 still has plenty of new surprising novels in store

So without further ado, it’s time to take a look at some of the new historical

We’re kicking things off with a beautiful yet heartbreaking story centered around Partition — or the separation

The Book of Everlasting Things follows a perfumer’s apprentice named Samir Vij and a calligrapher’s

But when their country is split by Partition, the two lovers find themselves on opposite sides, making

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This WWII historical fiction is particularly interesting because its story was inspired by a real-life spy! Set

Her task? To create fake propaganda to lower the enemies’ morale with the help of the rest

Now we’re traveling back to 1800s Canada with Kai Thomas’s In the Upper Country! The

One day, a woman fresh off the Underground Railroad shoots a slave hunter

She refuses to leave before the authorities arrive, so Lensinda is tasked with interviewing her

The old woman will tell her story, if Lensinda shares one of her own

Moonrise Over New Jessup begins when our main character Alice Young arrives at the all-Black town of

Alice loves New Jessup, but she also loves a man named Raymond Campbell

He organizes clandestine activities that challenge the town’s status quo

Which means Alice will have to balance her desire to help her partner with her need to

The former will be the first in her family to attend college, if her taboo love affair

But his elite family won’t accept her, and all Eleanor wants is to fit in

Skull Water is an intergenerational historical fiction novel set in South Korea

Throughout the story, we get to see him grow up in the army base with his other “

This new historical fiction is a sweeping story about generational trauma, family, religion, and historical violence

The Changoors own a luxurious farm, while the Saroops live in the tin and wood Barracks down

When Dalton Changoor goes missing, Hans Saroop sees this as an opportunity to earn more money and

But things are not as they seem, and the deeper he digs, the more entwined the Changoors’

The Porcelain Moon is set in 1918 France, and it follows a woman named Pauline Deng

He works in the Chinese Labour Corps in the countryside, which would help Pauline hide from her

Ultimately, a woman named Camille is the one who offers her home to Pauline

The two quickly become friends, but it soon becomes clear that Camille is hiding something — and her

That’s where Trang meets an American pilot named Dan, and an irresistible romance blooms between them

At the same time, a man named Phong is trying to find his parents and leave the

He’s the son of a Black American soldier and a Vietnamese woman, which has caused his

” As past and present collide, all these characters will have to face their trauma and the decisions

Except Adelaide is most definitely not alone, and her secret won’t stay hidden for long