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10 New Children’s Books by Native American & Indigenous Authors

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Inhabit Media is an excellent Inuit-owned independent publisher that publishes children’s books by Indigenous Canadians

Debbie Reese runs the American Indians in Children’s Literature blog and it is an essential resource

Even when authors set these books in the past, they make it clear how these historical realities

From playing peek-a-boo to snuggles and kisses, the mothers and babies in this board book relish in

In appreciation, Native Hawaiians gift four boulders in their honor, and the Mahu imbue the boulders with

After Hawaii’s colonization by white foreigners, the meaning of the boulders is forgotten until the 1960s

Written in both English and Olelo Niihau, this picture book is based on an award-winning film of

Indigenous Cree musician Buffy Sainte-Marie’s lyrics to the song of the same name are beautifully illustrated

This is a must-read picture book about Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective

A Mashpee Wampanoag grandmother tells her two grandchildren about how their ancestors aided the Pilgrims by honoring

During a three-day celebratory meal to welcome the newcomers, the Wampanoags taught the Pilgrims how to harvest

I highly recommend replacing any Thanksgiving children’s books by white authors with this one

This latest picture book joyfully honors the special relationship between a grandmother and grandchild, the changing seasons,

Grandmother and granddaughter sing to the land in gratitude as they collect berries, fish, and herring eggs,

It will definitely be one of my favorite picture books of the year

Tanna is collecting lemmings for a researcher to study when she finds a tiny one under a

Tanna knows that she understands how to treat the lemming far better than any outsider researcher could

She calls the lemming Fluffi, and at first, Fluffi fits in perfectly in Tanna’s home

But when Fluffi eats her mother’s fabric, Tanna begins to realize a more complicated truth — that

This second book in an early chapter book series features Ojibwe first-grader Jo Jo Makoons on her

This series is so cute and funny, and each book can be read as a standalone

The author includes Ojibwe & Michef words throughout with a glossary in the back

It’s a thorough but accessible biography that presents Wilma Mankiller’s life within its historical context,

Norvia grew up on Beaver Island listening to her grandfather’s Ojibwe stories

While Norvia loves much about her new life — attending school, the books her stepfather gifts her — she

This enchanting quiet middle grade has lots of Anne of Green Gables vibes, but from an Indigenous

This historical middle grade told in vignettes takes place in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, in 1985

For instance, when Lara and her brother’s bike are stolen, Lara’s father blames “the Indians

Mia also begins to notice the differences in wealth between her and Lara

Lara lives in a big nice house and her parents both own cars, while Mia lives in

This is a lovely middle grade that explores racial and class dynamics

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