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10 Fantasy Book Series For FINAL FANTASY Fans

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That’s why I’ve pulled together this list of 10 fantasy book series for Final Fantasy fans:

Final Fantasy has been the premier JRPG franchise for the last 35 years, ever since Square’s release

The award-winning franchise now spans dozens of main-series titles, spin-offs, and rereleases spread across more than one-dozen

Although every title is different from the last, there are a few elements that come part and

That remains true whether the game skews toward science fiction, steampunk, urban fantasy, or high fantasy — all

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Fans of steampunk-inspired JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IX, would do well to

With its cli-fi-adjacent themes and reflections on what makes a person human, this Hugo and Nebula Award-winning

In a country still rebuilding from wars against a nation that once occupied its lands, a young

But trouble is also brewing within the Kaul family, which finds itself on shifting ground when faith

If Midgardsormr and the other dragons are your favorite part of Final Fantasy XIV, you need to

The original trilogy, contained here in a single volume, is an excellent in-road to these delightful adventures

Here, telepathic humans living on a colonized exoplanet form lifelong bonds with the world’s endemic dragons

In the past, the dragonriders protected Pern from the deadly Thread that rained down upon the land,

There, she wields her necromancer father’s sword and Bells in her quest to uncover what has

Another lengthy fantasy book series Final Fantasy fans will enjoy, Naomi Novik’s Temeraire reimagines the Napoleonic

When an English sea captain unwittingly bonds with a hatchling taken from a French ship, both man

So begins an adventure that will take this dynamic duo around the world and back again

Magical chosen ones dragged into international politics? Sounds like a Final Fantasy story to me

After a chance run-in with a Lagrimari outfit, Jasminda, an Elsiran outcast with a magical gift, realizes

Connected only by the city they share in common, four very different Londons — White, Black, Red, and

Magical shenanigans ensue… but you figured that out already, didn’t you?