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10 Books in Translation from Modern Greek

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But there is a thriving population today speaking in Greek — Greek that is not Homer’s Greek

Modern-day Greece is haunted by much different ghosts than those of Achilles or Odysseus

These books represent Greece as much as, if not more than, the Greece of ancient poetry or

Particularly given Greece’s current refugee crisis, it’s more important than ever that Greek authors of

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They were best friends once, as children and teens, until an event finally rocked them apart

Yet Maria loves her, can’t break away, can only wonder if she’s loved back even

The relationship will remind readers of Elena and Lila from Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels

It also has a satisfying glimmer of sapphic sexuality and political commentary about colonialism, oppression, and feminism

Content warnings for sexual harassment, disordered eating, g-slur, suicide, homophobia, sex shaming / misogyny, racism, violence

And then she became responsible for all of their children as well

In this world of bitter struggle and misogyny, in which being a woman is so fraught, a

The medicine woman begins to wonder if it would be better if these girl children didn’t

Content warnings for violence, domestic violence, violence against children

He’s tired of the endless grind, of memorizing knowledge that isn’t holistic in the slightest

But then his teacher gives him a challenge: write a research paper about the conviction of a

A man who, it becomes very clear, was never guilty of murder, but was certainly convicted of

Alki Zei (1925–2020) is considered one of modern Greece’s most classic, beloved authors

Through her eyes, we see the 1930s fascist government take hold and how her parents and town

The book has been translated into more than 20 languages and is part of a loose trilogy by

Poet Ritsos spent years in prison camps for his Communist beliefs and his resistance against the right-wing

He writes of a sort of community paired with deep weight and loneliness

Content warnings for g-slur, implied violence, themes of torture and pain

In this modern Greek classic, a young woman leaves France, fleeing her family and its difficult past

At first, everything seems perfect — but as you’ve probably guessed, it’s not fated to stay

This book is an entertaining, compelling fable that fits right in that perfect place between for-children and

In this cute, unexpected novel, Sugar is a witty cat on its final* life trying to “fix”

He listens in on her conversations, judges her taste in music, and generally hopes that she’ll

Cat owners will laugh (and eventually cry) over this one and at Sugar’s snarky attitude

This NYRB classic features the story of three sisters — Maria, Infanta, and Katerina — as they grow up

It’s a reflective coming-of-age tale of three sisters figuring out who they are and who they

Content warnings for adult/minor relationship, sexual assault, animal death, fatphobia

This collection of interconnected short stories is quietly, brilliantly sad

A woman makes halva after being left by her partner; a man protests the workplace death of

Content warnings for violence, rape, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, ableism, animal cruelty, and homophobic, antisemitic, and racist

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