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10 Books about Rocks

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Rockhounding meaning the rocks you collect are ones you find yourself out in nature

You can also learn more about geological features without having to collect anything

After all, all of us are living on a geological formation of some sort, assuming we’re

And there may be no better way to satisfy curiosity and relieve aggression than taking a hammer

If you’re someone who spends time around kids, sharing some rocks and minerals books is a

So I’ve included some books for younger readers that appeal to budding rockhounds

Warning: they may, like me, become the kind of kid who asks their grandmother to pick up

But if you’re in the United States, I recommend picking up books from this series for

The books also catalog things to notice from the car itself, like rock cuts from when the

Similarly to the book above, this series of books notes the locations of places to collect rocks

You’ll learn what the collectible rocks are in the place that you’re going

Furthermore, if you’re looking to make rockhounding friends, the book collects information about clubs from around

Side note: I apologize that this list is so North American-centric

I hope these titles give you a clue of what rocks and minerals books to search for

You might associate the Audubon Society with birds, but their field guide to rocks and minerals is

When you’re in the comfort of your home, a large rock and gem book is where

This is a book that showcases that beauty while also providing tons of in-depth information

If you’ve got a youngster around, you may prefer a similar book from the same publisher

Crystals have been meaningful treasures since time immemorial

This book isn’t meant to be a guide for getting into crystals, but it does examine

When I was a kid, my love for rocks and my love for comics had to take

How obsessed I would have been with this book, that takes readers on an adventure through geology

Where real-life rockhounding trips might take kids to hiking trails and lake shores, this book takes them

If the weather’s no good for rockhounding, there are still plenty of activities to entertain a

Kids can melt crayons to understand the rock cycle, or make a geode out of an egg

Once the weather has improved, they will be able to explain so much more about what they

It’s hard to grasp the concept of the Grand Canyon, even if you’re standing right

While it’s perfect for someone who has visited the canyon, it’s also a great book

As with the rocks and minerals books for adults, I believe it’s important to see how

This book chronicles a boy beginning his lifelong journey of carving argillite, a sedimentary rock Haida people

If you know a rock loving kid who finds making friends harder than finding rocks, this series

While the book explores Jada’s feelings a lot, there are also plenty of geology facts incorporated

We’ve also got more recommendations if you like trees (classic companion to rocks, honestly) and the

I’ll see you out on the trail, rock hammer and field guide in hand