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10 Best Books For 7-Year-Olds to Read

At this stage of development, children are learning to read more complex books

The following books are beautiful stories to share with 7-year-olds

They’re longer than books for younger kids, with more complex storylines, and some of them have

While they may contain fewer illustrations than books for younger kids, they’re still designed to hold

Often touching on difficult subjects like mental health, heartbreak, and bereavement, his books tend to be emotional

This book, The Truth Pixie, is the story of a pixie who can only tell the truth

This puts her in some difficult situations, and she quickly becomes lonely and alienated

Ada asks her some difficult, painful questions, and the pixie has no choice but to give her

It’s a sweet story, and it briefly touches on the subject of bereavement, in a gentle

The main character is funny and savvy as she navigates various adventures with her pet

It’s a short story with plenty of illustrations and is ideal for 7-year-olds to enjoy at

The Queen Sardine books are funny and silly, and there are a few in the series if

Set in Dresden, it follows the main character, Hannah, after she stumbles upon a magical wooden bear

What does a child do with a bear cub? Kids will love reading about Hannah’s quest

It’s not too complex for keen readers to understand, but it depicts the snowy landscape beautifully,

It’s the ideal Christmas book for kids to curl up with on a cold winter’s

The Nothing To See Here Hotel is a funny, magical story that will appeal to Roald Dahl

The main character, Frankie, lives in a hotel owned by his parents

The hotel attracts all kinds of interesting guests, and in the first book of the series, they

Of course, things start to go wrong, and the resulting fallout is hilarious

The illustrations are cute, too, and the page layout is interesting enough to keep children busy

An absolute classic, Matilda is one of Roald Dahl’s finest books for children

7-year-olds will love the story of Matilda, a bookish, incredibly intelligent young girl with a horrible family

How can she use them to change her life, as well as the life of her beloved

The story of Matilda is a timeless classic (and has spawned a movie, a stage show, and

With plenty of illustrations by Quentin Blake, this is an engaging story for children

It goes without saying that Roald Dahl has tons of books for children to enjoy if they

7-year-olds will enjoy The Witches, The Twits, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So in this volume, when cats belonging to the famous singer Madame Emerald are kidnapped, he’s

The Max the Detective Cat series is funny and silly, with just enough drama to keep a 7

The illustrations are cute, but there aren’t many of them, so this book may be a

There are three books in the series, including The Phantom Portrait and The Disappearing Diva, and they’

The Day I Fell Into a Fairytale combines the classic story of Sleeping Beauty with a more

But then a supermarket springs up in her neighbourhood, seemingly overnight

Hidden in the depths of the supermarket is a portal to a fairytale world, and Lana quickly

It’s a sweet book about how to hang onto the idea of magic, even as you

Plus, the idea of a magical pop-up supermarket is a unique concept, and it’s quite fun

Children have to solve a problem at the end of each chapter: how can Marvin break into

Using clues from the text and the beautiful full-colour illustrations, children and parents can solve the mystery

These books are a lovely screen-free activity to enjoy on a rainy day, and may be engaging

At this age, children may have grown out of some of the classic Dr Seuss stories

The Sneetches are creatures divided into two groups: those with stars on their bellies, and those without

The star-bellied Sneetches feel superior to the Sneetches, until the enterprising Sylvester McMonkey McBean turns up to

It quickly descends into chaos, and the Sneetches realise that their made-up class system is kind of

Other stories, including the hilarious Too Many Daves, are laugh-out-loud funny, and many of them contain a

There are some brilliant non-fiction books by DK, and curious kids will enjoy discovering how the human

The book is split into sections: Super Structures, Control Centre, Heart and Blood, Lungs and Breathing, Under

Each section goes into enough detail to keep primary-aged kids entertained, while not being too complex for

Interesting and informative for children and adults alike, this is a great book to have on the

The book comes with a free poster, which gives an overview of the human body, including digestion,

Many of the books on this list are good for the 7-9 age range, so even if

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