How To Teach Your Child To Read

CLR v. RHS Review Discover What you Need To Know

CLR v. RHS Review

Children Learning Reading v Reading Head Start Review

CLR v. RHS Review Parenting can be hard on its own, but teaching your child to read is a step you should take. The more your child understands how to read, the better they will do in school. You don’t need to go through this alone – there are many resources and products out there for you to use when teaching your kid how to read. Two popular products that parents use are “Children Learning Reading” and “Reading Head Start.” Read on for information about both of these products so you can find which one will work best for your kid!

CLR v. RHS Review:

“Children Learning Reading” is a 12-week course that teaches young children how to read. It targets kids around age 2-6, and it has 2 stages with 50 lessons. The first stage focuses on teaching the child about phonetics, new letter sounds, learning words, and their sounds. The second stage is about reading books at your own pace.

Stage 1 is made up of 28 lessons. We focus on the alphabet and the sound each letter makes.

Stage two: is a set of 22 lessons that build on the skills from stage one. This stage introduces bigger words, complex sentences, and paragraphs.

This program has two packages. The first package is $69, and the second package is $89. The main difference between the two packages is the bonuses included with the second. The main difference between the two packages is that there are bonuses included with the premium package, but it costs more money.

The bonus items are stage one and two printouts, an illustrated coloring book, and lesson videos.

The benefits of “Children Learning Reading” are that it helps children know the alphabet and its sounds. It also helps them understand complex sentences and paragraphs. The program also makes children want to learn new skills. First, let’s look at the good things about this program. Next, let’s look at some things that could be better about it. Now in this CLR v. RHS Review let’s look at the Pros & Cons.


• Detailed information provided for each lesson
• Works well on either a computer or mobile device
• Free bonuses with the purchase of a premium package


• Requires substantial work time from parents and children
• Intense workload
• Not inclusive for all ages—only targeted to children between the ages of 2 and 6
• No guaranteed results


Reading Head Start Review:

Sarah Shepard, a teacher, created “Reading Head Start” for her child. She realized that she could also help children younger than 2 and older than 9 with this program. The information in the program is verified by science and 100% effective.

• Easy to understand and broken down into 4 phases
• Requires 15min of your time
• Improves your child’s self-esteem and confidence
• Sharpens your child’s reading skills
• Improves your child’s language skills
• Sets your child up for success in school life

This program helps your child to read. With this program, the child will learn what they are reading and understand it. The program is for kids as young as 2 years old and up! Reading to children is good, but it is even better if the children read to you. Thousands of kids have improved their reading with this program, and some people see results as early as 30 days! For parents who want to help their children by using “Reading Head Start,” there are 3 ways that they can pay: a trial pack for $1, a yearly payment of $197, or lifetime access for only $297!

As a teacher, I can say that “Reading Head Start” is a fun and positive way to help your child learn to read. It helps them improve their current skills, develops their vocabulary and communication skills, and makes them more confident about reading. Let’s weigh out the pros and cons before you decide whether or not to try this program.


A user-friendly program that is easy to understand and begins just by clicking the play button on the videos
Several interactive sessions to make your child see reading as more fun and enjoyable
Effective and scientifically proven methods and techniques to improve your child’s skills

Very affordable for the length of program and content provided
It makes your child strong enough in these skills that can achieve academic success later in life

The program is only available online
Requires a commitment to see desired results

There are many reading programs on the market, but I think that “Reading Head Start” is the program to get. It has techniques not even used in schools. It works within 30 days and boosts your child’s skills with reading. Click on this link to see how Sarah Shepard, a teacher, has helped over 35,000 children learn how to read using her method, Reading Head Start!