Guest Post: How to Choose a Floor Lamp for Reading

It’s no longer a secret that lighting can affect your mood. That’s why you should never underestimate the influence a reading floor lamp can have on your bookish experience.

The right reading floor lamp can bring your reading experience to a new level

Unfortunately, not all floor lamps are created equal. Some are meant to provide some ambient to the room but do not work as task light. Some are made with special designs to solely augment the interior decors around them.

Picking the floor lamp for reading, thus, can be a headache for us bookworms.

In this post, I’m so excited to share with you in this post some simple but effective tips on how to choose the best floor lamp for reading.

While I’m no lighting expert, I’m a bookworm who happens to like snuggling in a cushy reading chair with a soft blanket and lots of pillows and book in hand. And I spent a significant amount of time surfing the net and reading experts’ advice on lighting, just so I could find the right lamp to shine on my book while it enlightens my mind. Continue reading