10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

As a book lover, few things can compare to the pleasure of enjoying your book in a nice library.

And reading in one of the world’s most beautiful libraries is without doubt a very special experience.

You step in a large hall with walls and walls of books in the surrounding.

You look up the ceiling and see stunning paintings and frescos that remind you of people from generations before, people who built those shelves, who made those paintings, and who also came to read before you.

You sit at a table next to dozens of other people who are totally absorbed into their bookish world, but something in the way they quietly turn the pages that tell you they are all connected to you and to each other.

A beautiful library is like a different world. The world where knowledge, art, cultures, and peoples are in perfect harmony and tranquility. The world that while very different from your normal one, you feel completely belonged.

Let’s, together, explore the 10 most beautiful libraries in the world. Feel free to add all of them into your bucket list – I did.

1. Clementinum National Library, Czech Republic

Image courtesy of The Clementinum

The Clementinum (Klementinum in Czech), first founded in 1556, is a large building complex in Prague. It was the brainchild of some of the most prominent architects in Europe during the XVI – XVII century, including Carlo Lurago, Franz Maximilian Kanka, and Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer.

A library, the Baroque Library Hall, among other functional houses, was opened in the complex since the early time, together with a university. However, it was not until 1930 that the Clementinum became house to the National Library. Nowaday, it houses over 20,000 volumes of theological literature accumulated from the 17th century.

You can take a guided tour around the library and visit the Astronomical Tower, the Meridian Hall, and the Baroque Library Hall.

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The New Oasis 2017: Finally a Waterproof Kindle

Bathtub and beach reader friends: there’s at last a Kindle that can accompany us in our favorite water time!

Check it out on Amazon. In place of the 2016 Kindle Oasis is now an “All New Kindle Oasis”, next to it, “waterproof”.

IPX8. Safe in 2m deep water in 60 minutes.

That’s some serious **** there my friends.

It means you can now enjoy Gone with the Wind while relaxing in a bathtub full of soap bubbles and warm water. Drop it into the tub? Take it out, rinse it, and continue your trip with Scarlett to Atlanta. Continue reading

My biggest reading – related pet peeves

1. When my purse is too small for books

I’m no fashionista, but sometimes I want to feel girly and go out in high heels, a nice dress and a cute little purse instead of a huge backpack. Buuut I still want to bring a book, you know, just in case.

Not only because someone said it’s an effective tip to read more. I actually don’t even read that much! I just need to have a book everywhere I go, for the pure sake of feeling I’m not missing out on something. It’s the same way as people who have to check their phone constantly. (Except having a book in your hands make you appear somewhat more intelligent :P)

Every time I go out without a book, a part of me just dies. Sometimes I’d even go back to change to a bigger bag! Purses, they’re so cute, and yet they’re such a pain.

2. When I don’t understand why a book is so popular

You know The Faults in Our Stars? While I do think it’s a good read, I honestly don’t see the quality that’s supposed to be in such a popular, “highly-recommended” book.

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