The New Oasis 2017: Finally a Waterproof Kindle

Bathtub and beach reader friends: there’s at last a Kindle that can accompany us in our favorite water time!

Check it out on Amazon. In place of the 2016 Kindle Oasis is now an “All New Kindle Oasis”, next to it, “waterproof”.

IPX8. Safe in 2m deep water in 60 minutes.

That’s some serious **** there my friends.

It means you can now enjoy Gone with the Wind while relaxing in a bathtub full of soap bubbles and warm water. Drop it into the tub? Take it out, rinse it, and continue your trip with Scarlett to Atlanta.

You can now read while sunbathing next to a swimming pool. The 2017 New Oasis, as do all other Kindle ereaders, has a glare-free screen that allows you to read in the sun without having to narrow your eyes. Some kids jump into the pool and the water splashes on your device? Wipe it with your towel and continue your read.

In this kind of situation, at least you won’t have to worry about your ereader

Accidentally spill your morning coffee on the screen? Rinse it clean under water and dry it with your tissue.

You can even read your love novels in the rain, my hopelessly romantic booklovers. Or if you’re reading and it suddenly pours, you can worry about yourself first, instead of your device.

Never again have you have to worry about your ereader dying just because some drops of water happen to land on it.

If you’re not sold on it yet, there are a bunch of other new impressive features on the new Oasis. It’s larger than all other Kindle ereaders. It’s the first to have an aluminum back. And the first to have built-in Audible (for playing audiobooks). And the first to enjoy the fast-charge technology.

And somehow it comes at only $249.99. Not particularly cheap, but hey that’s already a decrease from the 2016 Oasis. That is, unless you want loads of ebooks ready on your device and opt for the 32GB version.

But seriously, waterproofness is enough to convince me.

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