My biggest reading – related pet peeves

1. When my purse is too small for books

I’m no fashionista, but sometimes I want to feel girly and go out in high heels, a nice dress and a cute little purse instead of a huge backpack. Buuut I still want to bring a book, you know, just in case.

Not only because someone said it’s an effective tip to read more. I actually don’t even read that much! I just need to have a book everywhere I go, for the pure sake of feeling I’m not missing out on something. It’s the same way as people who have to check their phone constantly. (Except having a book in your hands make you appear somewhat more intelligent :P)

Every time I go out without a book, a part of me just dies. Sometimes I’d even go back to change to a bigger bag! Purses, they’re so cute, and yet they’re such a pain.

2. When I don’t understand why a book is so popular

You know The Faults in Our Stars? While I do think it’s a good read, I honestly don’t see the quality that’s supposed to be in such a popular, “highly-recommended” book.

Oh and The Goldfinch. It won a Pulitzer Prize and a ton of other rewards. And I don’t get it at all! I’m sure I’m no book expert. Also, sometimes people don’t understand a book because they have comprehension problem. But seriously, there was NOTHING about the book that suggests to me it is the best in the world to read. It’s way too long, and the last 100 pages, as a few other readers have suggested, could really really be more brief.

I don’t know about you but when reading such highly respected books and don’t find the beauty of it, I have some kind of self doubt. I’ll try to convince myself it’s just not my type, but deep down, I feel a little stupid.

3. When people worship books

I get it – knowledge is precious. Books are expensive, and beautiful, and should be handled with care. I am a book lover myself, and I buy books in bunches at once.

But after I have read a book, unless it’s something I’m sure I’ll have to go back to for references or will reread for better comprehension, I see it as nothing more than a pile of paper. I find someone who wants to read the book and give it to them.

So I don’t understand the trend to keep loads of old books in the house. It makes some sense if you have a big family and want to save the books for other members who haven’t read them. Or if you want to decorate the house, or to show off to other people that you read a lot.

Otherwise, I’m really confused why some people go crazy over a drop of coffee on their old book, or make big shelves to accommodate thousands of books they won’t ever read again.

Yes, I’m talking about you, tsundoku.

Dusting them alone would take a lot of time!

4. When people don’t read books they borrow from me

Look, my dear bookish friends. If you enthusiastically ask to borrow my book, and we have gone through the hassle of setting up a time to see each other, or to go to the post office, I really really hope that you can read the book. You may or may not like it in the end, but at least check it out?

I hate it that 2 months after you get the book, you give it back to me declaring you didn’t find the time to read it. You know what, chances are I have been waiting for those 2 months to read the book myself. Because if I have already read it, I would have just given it to you (see #3).


5. When the book is too large/heavy for my hands

If you’ve been tossing and turning in bed for hours trying in vain to find a comfortable position to read, you are not alone. I feel your pain, my fellow bed reader.

If you can read more than 20 pages of that hardcover in that position, I salute you.

I don’t know about you, but most of the times I have problem finding a position to read in bed or on a sofa, it’s because the book is way to large. It’s too heavy to hold in my hands while I’m on my back. I seriously think only science books or textbooks, the kind you have to sit at a table to read, should be of that size.

Romantic novels and the like? Those are the kinds we read while on an armchair, in bed, or on a hammock in our garden. We hold them in our hands instead of placing them on a table. Please please make them small, lightweight, and easy to turn pages.

What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to reading? Contribute to my list in the comment section!

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4 thoughts on “My biggest reading – related pet peeves

  1. I used to have a purse I referred to as my Mary Poppins purse because it could fit so much more than it looked like it could, including books! So I was always able to take a book w/ me in that purse, haha.

    Re: #5, that’s what’s so great about ebooks! I’ve taken to reading using the kindle app on my phone because my phone is nice and tiny and easy to hold!

    • I usually go out with a backpack that can fit 20 books in it LOL. But there are times when I have to bring a small purse and I always feel like something is missing. I guess I need to find a Mary Poppins purse like yours!!!
      Yup, reading on your phone or ereader is much better for the hands. But less so on the eyes and the feels….

  2. When I leave the house, I bring my kindle, as it’s much easier to bring everywhere. Also, it has all the books! AND it fits in a small purse.

    I love having books in my house, and am partly the way your pet peeve describes. I want my books to be beautiful. And a lot of them are signed by the authors, so they have a special place in my heart 🙂

    I do agree about people I lend books to, only for them not to read them, that is just rude!

    Great list 🙂

    • That’s a great solution! Unfortunately, while I love my Kindle, I also visit the bookstore like every week and usually bring several paperbacks home every time… And I just end up reading more paperbacks than ebooks 😀 But I only keep like a dozen in my house – the ones I think I’ll go through a second time for better comprehension. My place is tiny so that’s probably partly why I don’t like to keep books. If I keep all of my paperbacks, in a couple years I may have to buy a new apt just to store/display them 😀

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